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Bed Extender Installation

By: · August 17, 2009

If you have more stuff to contend with than your truck can carry, a bed extender may help to increase your cargo capacity. This cargo system is ideal for when you have to haul motorcycles, personal watercraft, large tools, landscaping equipment and practically anything else that can fit in your truck bed. Depending on how it’s positioned, it can also help to secure loose items. If you flip the bed extender outward it creates a long bed truck, two feet longer than stock. Flipped inward with the gate closed, and the bed extender safely keeps gear like tools, gas cans, or camping equipment from sliding around. Whether your load is little or large, you can get more from your truck with a bed extender. And if it gets in the way of a particular load, it can be removed in seconds…

Simple Steps

Installing a bed extender is a simple matter. In this particular case, a drilling template is provided with the product to ensure you install the mounting brackets in their correct locations. Once those are in, the extender snaps together with some adjustable center tubes and fasteners. Then all you have to do is set the unit in its brackets, secure the tie-down clips, and you’re ready to load your gear. If you have to remove the extender, its aluminum construction weighs only nine pounds, and it simply tilts up and lifts out of its brackets.

While we were working on the rear of the truck, we also decided to add some brush guards over the taillights for a full rear-end treatment. Those bolt on pretty easily as well, but require a bit of tweaking to get them to line up correctly. In another story, we’ll show how to bolt on front brush guards with a bumper push bar.

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