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Sunroof Rebuild Sunroof Rebuild
How do you rebuild a sunroof? It’s much like the omnipresent necessity of any other mechanical part of your car, with moving and non-moving parts that require service with use. This is much like any equipment or device, really—maintain or die…
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Spring-Clean Your Car Spring-Clean Your Car
Any time is a good time of year for proper care and cleaning of your vehicle. But when spring finally rolls around, the nice weather makes getting your ride looking good that much more pleasurable. Once the temperatures rise and the rain and snow subside, it’s time to open the doors, trunk and...
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Simple Bumper Scuff Repair Simple Bumper Scuff Repair
You’ve been out running errands and, upon returning to your car in the parking lot, you discover that somebody has “kissed” the bumper of your car, leaving an ugly scrape. The perpetrator is nowhere in sight, and an insurance claim isn’t feasible since your deductible is higher...
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Scratch-Buffing Scratch-Buffing
Although most of us claim that our aim is true, sometimes the car key doesn’t make it into the lock on the first lunge. Tiny hairline scratches are the unfortunate result. Over time, these failed attempts at unlocking doors and trunks can make the surrounding areas look like the corners of Joan...
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Scratch Repair Scratch Repair
Unless your driving habits keep you away from the public at large, sooner or later your pride and joy will sport scratches. Face it—we’re obsessed with appearance. Still, many people choose to live with scratches. Big mistake. The car body is no different from the human skin—when damaged,...
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Rust Prevention Rust Prevention
The joys of winter also bring along a lot of ice and snow-melting salt poured onto the roadways of the states that comprise what is known as the rust belt. While salt is an inexpensive and effective way to keep the roadways free of slippery winter buildup, the chemicals work their way up into the chassis...
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Ride Height Adjustment Effects Ride Height Adjustment Effects
You probably don’t think much about your bumpers, at least not until you hit something. There’s another reason, though, to keep them in mind, especially if you drive a light truck. Pickup owners often put extra demands on their vehicles, such as towing, hauling, off-road exploration, and...
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Replacing Window Door Glass Replacing Window Door Glass
Life is full of ups and downs, but—when it comes to your vehicle’s windows—that’s a very good thing. Unless the glass is altogether gone …..
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Removing Window Tint Removing Window Tint
When old window tint starts to bubble, the glass looks like it has malignant melanoma. Light splotches disbursed over dark tint give the car that urban-beater attitude—whether that’s your intent or not…
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Professional Windshield Install Professional Windshield Install
While doing things yourself can provide the satisfying experience of a job well done, sometimes the financial outlay in tools, materials, and time do not add up to any savings over having a professional install performed. In the case of an automotive windshield install, this can be particularly true....
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