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By: · April 26, 2013

Want to be famous? Get into the NASCAR Sprint Cup series and cross Danica Patrick. How many of you actually knew David Gilliland was still racing before Sunday? I figured as much.

Usually the journeyman driver is good for a top ten or two every year, and that’s not that bad considering what Gilliland is working with as a driver for the modestly-funded Front Row team. Aside from that, you would have to be a pretty serious fan to remember his career launching win in the Nationwide Series, or the time Tony Stewart opined that Gilly had come too far, too soon, or perhaps you recall the time Gilliland and Matt Kenseth swapped shots at Bristol. Judging from the comments around the blogosphere, one might get the impression the veteran driver did pick up a few new fans and a lot of notoriety when he instructed Patrick to “Shut up and drive!”

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