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Chariots of Fire: 16 Olympic Special-Edition Cars That Went for the Gold

By: · August 5, 2016

-With the XXXI Olympiad opening in Rio de Janeiro, marketers see a fresh opportunity to promote their products. If you’re looking for exposure, it’s hard to do better than the Olympic Games, where even a brief flash of a logo onscreen can be seen around the world.  Associating products with athletes in hopes of translating victory on the field into award-winning sales numbers is a time-honored tradition. ---While such relationships come naturally for the makers of athletic goods, car companies don’t have it so easy. Manufacturers have recently provided fleets of automobiles to transport athletes and event personnel. More simply, they can write a sponsorship check for the privilege of co-opting the Olympic logo. By slapping some interlocking rings and special trim on an existing model and dubbing it an Olympic Special Edition, carmakers can rub a little gold on their brands. These are our 16 favorite Olympic special editions:-1984 Buick Century – XXIII Olympiad, Los Angeles-Skoda Yeti – XXII Olympiad, Sochi-Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe – XXX Olympiad, London-1988 Jeep Comanche, Wrangler, and Cherokee Olympic Editions – XXIV Summer Olympiad, Seoul-2000 Holden Commodore Series II Olympic Edition-1972 Ford Mustang Sprint – XX Winter and Summer Olympiads, Munich and Sapporo-1972 Maverick, Mustang, and PInto Sprint editions – XX Summer Olympiad, Munich-1992 Seat Toledo – XXV Summer Olympiad, Barcelona-1996 Buick Regal – XXVI Olympiad, Atlanta-1996 Buick Skylark – XXVI Olympiad, Atlanta-2014 Volkswagen Amarok – XXII Olympiad, Sochi-1996 Pontiac Grand Am – XXVI Olympiad, Atlanta-2012 Mini – XXX Olympiad, London-2001 Buick Regal Joseph Abboud edition– Sydney, XXVII Olympiad-Volkswagen Golf Wagon – XXXI Summer Games, Rio


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