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By: · May 22, 2013

21 years ago, almost all of us had a phone on our wall or on an end table. Email was something guys with thick glasses and pocket protectors used. On demand TV? Wasn’t that what happened when you yanked the remote control out of your kid brother’s hand? If Rip Van Winkle were awakening today from a 20-year snooze, he’d find the world has changed a lot since that November day in 1992 when Jeffrey Michael Gordon made his NASCAR Winston Cup debut.

NASCAR has seen more than its share of change. For better or for worse, the cars are different, and the tracks are too. The sport evolved further from being a sport of largely regional interest to the national stage, to even developing a little bit of an international following. The drivers and fans have changed a great deal too. NASCAR has gone from a sport populated with the good ol’ boys to a day where now there are drivers hailing from all four corners of the country. Now, instead of a sport consisting of blue collar, fresh from the garage types, you have drivers who make an easier transition from the track to the television screen.

Jeff Gordon has had something to do with it. A great deal.

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