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OMG AMG: We Go Inside Mercedes-AMG Headquarters in Affalterbach

By: · December 6, 2017

-OMG AMG: We Go Inside Mercedes-AMG Headquarters in Affalterbach-Hans’s House-Low-Key Surroundings-AMG Showroom-The Most Affordable AMGs-Many Men, Many Engines-Women Included-Building the M157 V-8-They Set the Pace-One Man’s Tools-Boxes of Bearings-Extreme Branding-The Famous Michael Kübler-The Hand to Pagani’s Heart-Building the 4.0-Power and Pistons-Young Bloods-The Silver Beast-HWA, Where Mercedes-AMG Race Cars Are Born-Birthplace of the AMG GT3-An AMG GT3 Comes Together-Smaller Brake, Bigger Bite-The “Low Cost” Race Car-Getting Married-Don’t Forget the Gullwings-Retired Racers Need Love, Too

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