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Our Long-Term Corvette Grand Sport Hits 10K: So Far, Mostly a Wheels and Tires Thing

By: · November 22, 2017


WHAT WE LIKE: The Grand Sport’s everyday usability and the glorious power of its LT1 V-8 continue to impress. Driving it back to back with far pricier choices in the high-performance sports-car realm reveals that the chassis in General Motors’ marquee sports car delivers better isolation while maintaining a lustworthy suppleness in its steering and handling. Cameras on the nose of the Vette give us an idea of when we’re about to connect with a curb during low-speed and parking maneuvers, but it requires that we actually use them, which is easier said than done, necessitating a tap or two on the center touchscreen. Nearly every logbook comment mentions drivers’ preferences for the base seats in this car, so you can safely conclude that we like them more than the optional Competition seats. READ MORE ››


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