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By: · May 10, 2013

A David pushes a David to score a win for one of NASCAR’s “little guys.” How many people here get Front Row mixed up with Furniture Row? You mean David Ragan is still racing? Who’s that’s “Gilligan” guy that’s his teammate? And just who the heck is Bob Jenkins?

NASCAR Nation, meet Front Row Motorsports! Ok, they’re not quite THAT obscure, but thanks to their thrilling victory at Talladega, this week we have a fresh batch of story lines, and we learn some sweet stuff about a bunch of racers and a race owner who get far less attention than they should. To my friend who chastised me for saying people would forget David Gilliland just days after he scolded Danica Patrick and told her to shut up and race: this is how you get remembered. You win. Gilliland may not have received the champion’s trophy for the Aaron’s 499, but you better believe Ragan’s fans won’t forget him, and neither will all the fans who cheer for the underdog.

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