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By: · September 22, 2010

images8.jpeg Toyota has announced that they are recalling certain models Sport Utility vehicles, mini vans and passenger vehicles equipped with a theft deterrent systems (TDS) supplied by Audiovox Corporation and distributed by Southeast Toyota Distributors, Inc. in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina.  They stated that the alarm wiring harness plugs into the vehicles ignition switch and the vehicles ignition switch wiring harness plugs into the alarm harness to complete the circuit.   A percentage of the female terminals used in the alarm connector were found to be defective, causing and open circuit condition when mated to the male ignition switch terminals.

This condition can cause intermittent performance of the vehicle’s electrical components such as the dash warning lights and/or HVAC fan speed controls.  Also, the vehicle may not run smoothly and could stall.   Dealers will inspect the date code label on the security system harness and any displaying the manufacturing/Final date code will be replaced with newly produced harnesses.


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