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Does Phil Robertson Hate YOU Too?

By: · December 23, 2013

IF YOU SUPPORT PHIL ROBERTSON PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS PAGE!  Is it just ME, or does it seem like we are taking political correctness to the extreme these days?  A few months ago the media (The Food Channel) made an example out of Paula Dean because of a remark she made years prior in a personal law suit which in no way had ANYTHING to do with the Food Channel.  That one little word she uttered totally destroyed her career….thanks to the Food Channel blowing things way out of proportion. Now it’s A&E’s turn to be the word police, and they have set their eyes on Phil Robertson.  You know, the Robertson’s who have the single most watched show in TV history…you MIGHT have seen or heard of them before.  Seems Christian faith based Phil Robertson said a bad word, or a string of words “I don’t much appreciate gay people” or something to that effect.  Are you offended

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Does Phil Robertson Hate YOU Too?

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