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Understanding your vehicles serial (VIN) number


1st character - Identifies the country in which the vehicle was manufactured.

For example: U.S.A.(1or4), Canada(2), Mexico(3), Japan(J), Korea(K), England(S), Germany(W), Italy(Z)


2nd character - Identifies the manufacturer.

For example; Audi(A), BMW(B), Chrysler(C), Dodge(B), Ford(F), GM Canada(7), General Motors(G), Honda(H), Jaquar(A), Lincoln(L), Mercedes Benz(D), Mercury(M), Nissan(N), Plymouth(P), Toyota(T), VW(V), Volvo(V).


3rd character - Identifies vehicle type or manufacturing division.

Chevrolet(1), Pontiac(2), Oldsmobile(3), Buick(4), GM Overseas(5), Cadillac(6), GM Canada(7), Saturn(8), GM Overseas(9), Chevy Truck (C), GMC Truck(T)


4th character - Identifies the restrain system.

Non-passive(A), Automatic belts(B), Inflatable restraint(C)


5th character - Identifies the series.

Chevette CS trim(B), 2WD Truck(C), Cavalier base trim(C), Cavalier CS trim(D), Cavalier type 10(E), Van(G), Citation(H), 4WD Truck(K), Chevette base trim(J), Impala(L), Camaro Sport Coupe(P), Step Van(P), Caprice Classic(N), Camaro Berlinetta(S), Small Pickup(S), Malibu(T), Malibu Classic(W), El Camino(W), Celebrity(W), Citation(X), Monte Carlo(Z)


6th and 7th character - Identifies the body style.

Landau Coupe(03), 2 dr Coupe(08), 1/2 ton(10), 2 dr notchback Coupe(11), 4dr Sedan(19), 3/4 ton(20), 1 ton(30), Sport Coupe or Convertible(27), Station Wagon(35), Sport Coupe(37), Sport Coupe(47), 2-1/2 ton(50), 3 ton(60), 4-1/2 ton(65), Convertible(67), 4dr Hatchback Sedan(68), 4dr Sedan(69), 2 dr Hatchback(77), Sedan-pickup(El Camino)(80), Sport Coupe(87)


8th characters - Identifies the engine.


9th character - is a check digit to verify VIN accuracy.


10th character - Identifies the model year.

For example: 1981(B), 1982(C), 1983(D), 1984(E), 1985(F), 1986(G), 1987(H), 1988(J), 1989(K), 1990(L), 1991(M), 1992(N), 1993(P), 1994(R), 1995(S), 1996(T), 1997(V), 1998(W), 1999(X), 2000(Y), 2001(1), 2002(2), 2003(3)


11th character - Identifies the assembly plant for the vehicle.

Lakewood(A), Baltimore(B), Lansing B(C), Doraville(D), Linden(E), Flint (Chevy)(F), Framingham(G), Flint (Buick)(H), Janesville(J), Kosai(K), Leeds(K), Lansing(M), Norwood(N), Pontiac (Pontiac)(P), Detriot(Q), Arlington(R), St. Louis(S), Ramos Arizpe(S), Tarrytown(T), Hamtramck(U), Pontiac (GMC)(V), Fairfax(X), Wilmington(V), Fremont(Z), Wentzville(1), Oshawa #2(1), Moraine (T&B)(2), St. Therese(2), Detroit (T&B)(3), St. Eustache(3), Orion(4), Bowling Green(5), London(5), Oklahoma City(6), Lordstown(7), Shreveport(8), Fujisawa (Japan) Luv(8), Detroit (Cadillac)(9), Oshawa #1(9), Pontiac (GM Truck)(0)


12th to 17th characters - Identifies the sequence of the vehicle for production

as it rolled off the manufacturers assembly line. Starting with 100001.


Decode Any Car VIN Here

Free Decoder by Decode This!